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FM-Nanoview 6800 AFM Atomic Force Microscope


Model:FM-Nanoview 6800 AFM


Product Introduction

 All-in-one design, smart structure and shape.Scan head and sample stage are designed together, strong anti-vibration performance .Precision laser detection and probe alignment device make laser adjustment simple and easy.Adapt servomotor to drive the sample approaching tip manually or automatically, to realize precision scanning area positioning.High-accuracy and large range sample transfer device allow to scan any interesting area of sample ;Different types of scanner meets different customer’s requirements in accuracy and scan size;optical observation system for tip check and sample positioning.CCD observing system for real-time sample area observing and position;Use servomotor to achieve CCD auto-focusing Electronic system is designed as modular and easy for maintenance and development.Integrated with many working modes control electronics for further development.

User-friendly software and functions

1.Multi-channels images are capture and display synchronous, observe profile map in real time.

2.Obtain and measure many curves such as F-Z, f-RMS, RMS-Z

3.Execute scan area move and cut function, choose any interesting area of sample.

4.Scan sample in random angle at beginning.

5. Adjust the laser spot detection system in real time.

6. Search the resonance frequency of tip manually or automatically.

7. Choose and set different color of scanning image in palette.

8. Support linear average and offset calibration in real time for sample title.

9. Support scanner sensitivity calibration and electronic controller auto-calibration.

Main technical parameters


Technical data


Technical data

Operation modes

Contact mode, Tapping mode, phase, friction, MFM, EFM

Scan angle

0~360 °

Sample size

Φ90 mmH≤20 mm

Sample movement

020 mm

Max. scan range

X/Y: 50 um, Z: 5 um

Pulse width of approaching  motor

10±2 ms


X/Y: 0.2 nm, Z: 0.05nm

Optical system

magnification: 10X, resolution: 1um

Scan rate

0.6 Hz~4.34 Hz

Data points


Scanning control

XY18-bit D/A, Z: 16-bit D/A

Feedback type

DSP digital feedback

Data sampling

One 14-bit A/D and double 16-bit A/D multiple-channel simultaneously 

Feedback sampling rate


PC connection



Compatible with Windows98/2000/XP/7/8

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