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WD-9403B UV Apparatus




Product Introduction

 Model: WD – 9403B 


WD-9403B is a basic device for visualizing fluorescence-stained gels. It is suitable for Lab of University or hospital, Scientific research organization. The lamphouse is white light transmission lamphouse that has a strongwhite light illumination. WD-9403B can provide  UV light with two different wavelength. Start speed of the lamps is quick and no stroboscopic lamps during the starting. 


■ This model outfits the protective glass sheating to block the passage of harmful UV rays;

■ No darkroom, and easy for cutting the gel; 

■  Strong and durable;  

■  Offers 3 wavelength of UV light for different requirements;

■  Simple and easy to use.


■ The filter dimension of the UV light (actual area): 192 × 148 (mm); 

■   Wavelength (UV light): ( Reflex ) 254nm,365nm and (Transmission) 300nm;

■  Power of UV light:: 254nm: 28W, 365nm:28W, 300nm : 8W;

■  Power source : ~ 220V±22V    50Hz±1Hz; 

■  Continuous working time: ≥4 hours;

■ Dimensions(L X W X H): 440 X 340 X 120 (mm); 

■ Net weight: about 20.00 kg.


It is a instrument  for providing UV light, and mainly for observing and taking the pictures of the nuclein acid electrophoresis results. 

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