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Liquid Nitrogen Fast Volatilization Reason in New Liquid Nitrogen Tank
2021-09-09 09:02
Liquid nitrogen tank is designed for storing liquid nitrogen, and is also called liquid nitrogen biological container. It is a kind of biological storage container, and generally can be divided into two kinds, namely liquid nitrogen storage tank and liquid nitrogen transport-type tank. Liquid nitrogen tanks are widely used in animal husbandry, healthcare  and scientific research, mechanical processing and other fields, where liquid nitrogen is used as a refrigerant to preserve animal semen, organs, bacteria and other biological samples, as well as for cryogenic treatment of metal materials and the cryogenic assembly of precise parts.
In the process of daily use, we often encounter the problems of fast volatilization of liquid nitrogen in the new liquid nitrogen tank and short shelf life. So, what is the reason for this?
Liquid nitrogen is a low temperature liquid of -196 degrees. When it is used for the first time, there is a temperature difference between the temperature of the liquid nitrogen and the temperature inside the new liquid nitrogen tank. Liquid nitrogen will absorb heat and volatilize so that the temperature of the tank body is consistent with the temperature of the liquid nitrogen. This process will cause a certain amount of liquid nitrogen consumption, which means that the liquid nitrogen storage period will be shorter than usual when the liquid nitrogen tank is first filled.
Taking the storage liquid nitrogen tank as an example, it is filled with 30L, but after the pre-cooling process of the new container, the amount of liquid nitrogen is far less than 30L. So it is reasonable that the consumption is fast and the shelf life in the manual cannot be reached. There is another reason for fast consumption of liquid nitrogen. The shelf life stated in the instructions refers to the use date of liquid nitrogen while keeping the tank mouth unopened. If the mouth of the liquid nitrogen tank is frequently opened, the liquid nitrogen must be consumed quickly, so the shelf life will not be reached.
In addition, pay special attention, it is required to fill the liquid nitrogen tank when there is 20% of liquid nitrogen left or amount only enough for one week of use, for the liquid nitrogen is used up, it needs to be pre-cooled. Also, the opening time of the container is as short as possible, and don't be too frequent.

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