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How to check the quality of liquid nitrogen tank
2022-03-21 15:05

The main function of the liquid nitrogen tank is to ensure the activity of those samples that have high requirements on the living environment. It is mainly used in laboratories, animal husbandry and other places closely related to the development of human destiny, and has high quality requirements. Therefore, it is very important to learn to check the quality of liquid nitrogen tanks.


Methods of effectively judging the quality of liquid nitrogen container:

1. Look

Check the storage liquid nitrogen tank every day. If you find that there is frost attached to the cover and upper part of the tank or condensation of water droplets, immediately check whether there is liquid nitrogen in the tank. If there is, stop using it immediately. This is a problem with the quality of the tank.

2. Touch

If there is no water droplets or frost on the cover and upper part of the large-diameter liquid nitrogen tank, touch the shell with your hands. If the temperature of the top and bottom is the same, and there is no quality problem. If the tank is cold on the top and hot on the bottom, it means that the daily loss of liquid nitrogen is large. Pay attention to monitoring and timely replenishment of liquid nitrogen, and stop using it if necessary.


3. Listen

Listen for the sound of bubbles at the mouth of the tank. If the sound is frequent, it means there is a problem with the quality.

4. Observe

Open the stopper and observe carefully. If the mist in 50L liquid nitrogen tank sinks, the quality is intact, and the overflow means there is a quality problem.