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How to choose the volume of laboratory liquid nitrogen tank
2022-06-25 10:23

Liquid nitrogen tank can generally be divided into storage liquid nitrogen tank and transport-type liquid nitrogen tank. The storage liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used for indoor static storage of liquid nitrogen, and should not be used for long-distance transportation under working conditions. Liquid nitrogen tanks are common equipment in most laboratories and are often used to freeze experimental specimens. What is the volume of liquid nitrogen tanks that are generally used in laboratories?

liquid nitrogen tank 

The laboratory generally uses 30L and 35L liquid nitrogen tank container, and also uses 3 liters and 6 liters to store a small amount of experimental specimens. However, the specific volume should be selected according to the actual use situation to avoid waste.

liquid nitrogen biological container 

Regarding the basket and cylinder selection of liquid nitrogen biological container: the cylinders are divided into leaky and non-leakable ones. Scientific laboratories basically use it to store samples, specimens, cells, etc., and generally choose leaky ones, which are convenient to use. Also remind here that 6 lifting cylinders can be placed in a liquid nitrogen tank.

storage liquid nitrogen tank 

The carrying basket is the same as the lifting cylinder, and each liquid nitrogen container  is equipped with a maximum of 6, generally 3, and there are holes at the bottom of the carrying basket. The baskets and cylinders usually are divided according to the size of the container. The commonly used baskets are divided into 1-10 layers according to the liquid nitrogen tank.

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