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About the cap plug of liquid nitrogen tank
2022-12-23 10:36

Liquid nitrogen tank is a biological storage container, also known as liquid nitrogen biological container, which can scientifically solve the problem of large evaporation of liquid nitrogen caused by thermal convection, conduction and radiation during liquid nitrogen storage. Liquid nitrogen tanks are widely used in medical, scientific research, mechanical processing, animal husbandry and other fields.

large diameter liquid nitrogen tank 

There are many types of liquid nitrogen tanks, such as self pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, which is controlled by valve and does not have cap plug. However, many liquid nitrogen tanks have cap plugs, which are mainly used for sealing and insulation.

1. The plug of liquid nitrogen storage tank shall not be too tight

If the plug is too tight, it is easy to freeze as long as there is a small amount of water vapor between the plug and the stiffening tube, which will stick the two together and make it difficult to pull out the plug. In addition, if the plug is too tight, it is easy to rub the handle of the bucket or hose, and then the surface of the plug will be damaged.

2. The plug of liquid nitrogen transport tank shall not be too loose

If the plug is too loose, the sealing effect will be reduced and the thermal insulation performance will also be affected.

stainless steel liquid nitrogen tank 

To sum up, the plug of the liquid nitrogen tank container should not be too tight or too loose, and there should be a gap, but the gap should not be too large, generally about 1.0~1.5mm. This not only ensures the freezing bonding of the plug and the stiffening tube, but also ensures the sealing and thermal insulation of the container.

liquid nitrogen tank 30 litres