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Tips for using liquid nitrogen tanks
2023-02-24 18:00

As one of the commonly used instruments in the laboratory, it is very important to learn how to use the liquid nitrogen tank correctly. This can not only greatly extend its service life, but also ensure the use effect and quality.

 liquid nitrogen tank yds

Instructions for liquid nitrogen container:

1. The liquid nitrogen tank is mainly used to contain liquid nitrogen, and cannot be used to hold other liquids.

2. Before use, be sure to check whether there are foreign objects inside the container and whether it is clean and dry.

3. Before filling liquid nitrogen, it must be pre-cooled with a small amount of liquid nitrogen.

4. If the liquid nitrogen tank is used for long-term storage, liquid nitrogen needs to be replenished regularly, and usually when the remaining amount of liquid nitrogen is one-third of the total capacity.

5. Do not place objects above the container lid or seal the neck.

6. Minimize the time to open the cover when accessing objects, this is to reduce the loss of liquid nitrogen.

 large diameter liquid nitrogen tank

The liquid nitrogen biological container should be put in a well-ventilated and cool place, not in direct sunlight. Due to its precise manufacturing and inherent characteristics, liquid nitrogen tanks are not allowed to be tilted, placed horizontally, inverted, stacked, collided with each other or collided with other objects, whether in use or storage, and must be handled with care and kept upright at all times.