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On problem that the liquid nitrogen tank cover cannot be pulled out
2023-07-26 10:03

The liquid nitrogen tank is a low-temperature storage container used to store liquid nitrogen. The entire container can reach a very low temperature, and the accessories mainly include neck plug, bucket, lock cover, protective sleeves, etc. In the actual use, sometimes the cover will be frozen and cannot be pulled out, so how to deal with it?

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Reasons why the cover is frozen and cannot be pulled out

The neck plug is made of special material, which can fix the bucket and reduce the volatilization of liquid nitrogen. Therefore, when using the liquid nitrogen container, if there is rain, there may be water seepage in the neck plug. Then the neck plug will be frozen  and cannot be pulled out when encountering a low temperature environment.

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The solution to the problem that the cover is frozen and cannot be pulled out

Low-temperature liquid nitrogen tanks are mainly used to store specimens, semen, cells, etc. If the samples are not taken out for a long time, the neck plug may be frozen. When this happens, do not pull it out rashly, otherwise the specimen or liquid nitrogen tank may be damaged. With a screwdriver, use a hammer to slowly hammer along the edge of the neck plug, then hammer in multiple positions, and finally pull it out slowly.

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Liquid nitrogen tank is a kind of biological storage container, which can scientifically solve the problem of large evaporation of liquid nitrogen caused by heat convection, conduction and radiation during storage. It is widely used in all walks of life, as well as laboratories, hospitals, scientific research, etc..