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Features of YDS series liquid nitrogen tanks
2023-10-24 11:17

Storage liquid nitrogen tank (small) YDS series products have a small volume and are designed for users who need to frequently manually transfer or transport biological samples, especially users in mountainous areas. It has the advantages of being small, lightweight, easy to carry, low daily evaporation rate of static liquid nitrogen, and economical to use.

 small liquid nitrogen tank

Features of YDS liquid nitrogen container:

1. Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, with light weight;

2. High vacuum multi-layer insulation design;

3. The hinged handle can be flexibly rotated, making it easy to carry;

4. Optional locking cover to protect the safety of samples stored in the container;

5. Equipped with a protective cover, which is convenient for carrying the product and can also prevent the product from being bumped during use;

6. The service life is not less than five years.

 liquid nitrogen tank price

Liquid nitrogen tanks are containers commonly used for low-temperature storage in laboratories. They need to be used according to correct usage methods, such as inspection before use, filling, storage, transportation and so on.