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How to remove specimens that fell into liquid nitrogen tank
2024-04-24 10:32

Liquid nitrogen tanks, also called liquid nitrogen biological containers, are usually used to preserve active biological materials. We occasionally encounter specimens falling into the liquid nitrogen, or drawer boxes falling into the liquid nitrogen. What should we do in this situation?

transport liquid nitrogen tank 

First of all, different disposal methods can be used depending on the specific specifications of the liquid nitrogen tank. If it is large-diameter type liquid nitrogen tank with relatively large volume, it will be difficult to operate by pouring out the liquid nitrogen to take out the specimen. In addition, liquid nitrogen tanks with large volumes are not suitable for dumping operations, as the risks are high. In this case, if there are a lot of spilled specimens, use a small colander to pick them up. When picking them up, do remember to wear liquid nitrogen protective clothing to protect face and hands to avoid frostbite.

biological samples container 

If the volume of the liquid nitrogen tank is small and the diameter is relatively small, and it is difficult to operate with a colander, consider pouring the liquid nitrogen into another container and using a colander to catch the specimen. After the specimen is completely removed, reinstall the specimen, and add liquid nitrogen to the liquid nitrogen tank again. No matter which method is used, it is required to handle it flexibly and protect yourself to avoid frostbite on the skin.