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Features of liquid nitrogen tank
2022-04-21 15:56

Liquid nitrogen tank, also known as liquid nitrogen biological container, is widely used in animal husbandry, medical and scientific research, machining and other fields, which uses liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant to preserve animal semen, organs, bacteria and other biological samples, as well as the cryogenic treatment of metal materials and cryogenic assembly of precision parts.

liquid nitrogen tank 

Main features of liquid nitrogen container:

1. The liquid nitrogen tank provides a high-quality choice for users who need to store biological samples or liquid nitrogen indoors for a long time under static conditions.

2. It has the advantages of low daily evaporation rate of static liquid nitrogen and long storage period.

3. The storage liquid nitrogen tank is generally made of high-strength aluminum alloy, with light weight.

4. It has a high vacuum and multi-layer thermal insulation design.

5. It has flexible hinged handle, easy to carry.

6. It has a lock cover to protect the safety of the samples stored in the liquid nitrogen tank.

7. With a protective cover, the transport type liquid nitrogen tank is convenient to carry, and well protected from being knocked and collided in use.

liquid nitrogen container 

As a biological storage container, the liquid nitrogen tank scientifically solves the problem of large evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen caused by thermal convection, conduction and radiation in the container during liquid nitrogen storage.

large liquid nitrogen tank