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Problem of 10L liquid nitrogen tank to evaporate in a week
2023-08-25 11:23

Liquid nitrogen tank is a container for liquid nitrogen made by vacuum insulation technology, which is widely used in medical treatment, animal husbandry, scientific research, food, industry and other fields. Generally, it can be divided into liquid nitrogen storage tanks and liquid nitrogen transport tanks.

small liquid nitrogen tank 

The evaporation time of liquid nitrogen tanks varies with different models, and for different models, specific analysis is required. A normal 10-liter liquid nitrogen tank depends on the size of the caliber. The larger the caliber, the faster the liquid nitrogen will evaporate.

Take YDS-10 as an example,

50mm caliber, the evaporation of liquid nitrogen is about 0.08kg/day, and the storage time is 108 days;

80mm caliber, the evaporation of liquid nitrogen is about 0.15kg/day, and the liquid nitrogen can be stored for 56 days;

125mm, large-diameter liquid nitrogen tank, the daily evaporation can reach about 0.25kg, and the liquid nitrogen can be statically stored for 32 days;

210mm, the static storage is only 15 days, because its daily evaporation of liquid nitrogen can reach about 0.5kg.

transport type liquid nitrogen tank 

This is just the static storage time of liquid nitrogen calculated according to the caliber. In fact, daily use is dynamic, and liquid nitrogen will be affected by factors such as temperature, environment, number of openings, and frequent sampling. The higher the temperature, the faster the heat conduction of the container, and the faster the evaporation. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze the environment around the liquid nitrogen biological container and the frequency of use. Of course, it could also be a quality problem.

liquid nitrogen tank yds