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Why can't liquid nitrogen tanks be sealed
2023-11-25 11:02

Users of liquid nitrogen tanks know that the volatilization of liquid nitrogen cannot be avoided during normal use. Even if the lock cap and stopper are not opened for a long time, the liquid nitrogen stored in the liquid nitrogen tank will continue to decrease over time. So, can the mouth of the liquid nitrogen tank be completely sealed directly to prevent unnecessary loss of liquid nitrogen? The answer is no.

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Regardless of the type of liquid nitrogen biological container, the lock cap and stopper are not completely sealed. The stopper itself is designed to have gaps. Why is there such a design? Because the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank will continuously volatilize into nitrogen gas, and the volume in the gaseous state is much larger than in liquid state, so when designing the liquid nitrogen tank, how to volatilize the nitrogen in the tank should be considered. If the liquid nitrogen tank is sealed directly, the nitrogen gas will accumulate in the liquid nitrogen tank to form pressure. When the pressure reaches a critical value, there may be a risk of explosion.

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Therefore, when the liquid nitrogen container is filled with liquid nitrogen, it must not be sealed and stored. There must be a gap to ensure the normal volatilization of nitrogen and prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents.