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Liquid nitrogen tank refilling frequency
2023-12-26 10:10

There is a close relationship between the evaporation rate of a liquid nitrogen tank and the frequency of refilling. The evaporation rate depends on the design and insulation of the liquid nitrogen tank, as well as the temperature of the outside environment. Generally, the good insulation performance of the 50-liter liquid nitrogen tank can effectively reduce the evaporation rate and extend the interval between filling liquid nitrogen. Under normal use, it is recommended to replenish liquid nitrogen once every 90 to 100 days, depending on the frequency of use.

liquid nitrogen storage tank 

Another factor that affects refilling frequency is usage. Different application fields have different demands for liquid nitrogen. In scientific laboratories, liquid nitrogen consumption may need to be monitored in real time and refilled periodically as needed. In some industrial production areas, liquid nitrogen containers may need to be filled weekly or monthly. Healthcare facilities often need to fill liquid nitrogen containers at specific intervals to ensure the safety of stored biological samples and pharmaceuticals.

50L liquid nitrogen tank  

In addition to maintaining the normal operation of the liquid nitrogen biological container, reasonable refilling frequency can also avoid the waste of liquid nitrogen. A balanced refilling frequency can ensure the efficiency of liquid nitrogen use and reduce excessive evaporation and loss. Therefore, it is very important to formulate a scientific and reasonable refilling plan based on actual needs, which can not only meet the needs of use, but also control costs and ensure the effective operation of the liquid nitrogen tank.