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Liquid nitrogen tank size choice for different industries
2024-01-22 16:59

Liquid nitrogen tanks are used in different industries because their vacuum structure can store liquid nitrogen at -196°C, which can achieve quick freezing effects without harming the activity of samples. So how to choose the right liquid nitrogen tank for different industries?

liquid nitrogen transport tank 

1. Farmers

Liquid nitrogen container is mostly used by farmers to preserve animal semen, and are mostly used for long-term static storage. You can choose the 30-liter 50-caliber tank because its capacity just meets the user's needs and does not require frequent addition of liquid nitrogen. If you need to go out to collect semen, choose a 10-liter 50-caliber tank, which is light and portable, and is sufficient for use.

2. Laboratories and hospitals

Laboratory liquid nitrogen tanks are mostly used to preserve cells, vaccines and other biological samples. The large quantities and types require cryogenic racks for storage. You can choose 50-liters 125-caliber tank, which has a larger capacity, can store a larger number of samples, and does not require frequent addition of liquid nitrogen.

3. Skin beauty

Skin cosmetology mainly involves cold treatment of the skin. You can choose a 10-liter 50-caliber tank because cold processing does not require a large amount of liquid nitrogen, so the 10-liter capacity is sufficient.

liquid nitrogen tank price 

Liquid nitrogen biological tanks are containers that are made through vacuum insulation technology to hold liquid nitrogen. They are widely used in medical, animal husbandry, scientific research, food, industry and other fields.

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